CEO Joel Portice shares the journey that led him to launch egnite.

egniting a Bold Vision to Elevate the Standard of Patient Care

By Joel Portice, president and CEO of egnite

It’s amazing to me how seemingly simple inventions can sometimes make such a significant difference. I once had a business partner, an avid surfer, who convinced me to invest in mosquito nets that could be deployed to remote communities around Indonesia. He knew that those alone could save the lives of residents, especially children, who were vulnerable to mosquito-borne diseases.

Since then, they have built hospitals, wells and schools thanks to the efforts of multiple organizations and generous individuals. But seeing how we were able to help prevent the spread of disease — and ultimately unnecessary death — was a crucial first step, and one that had a profound impact on me.

Since that time, I have considered if lives can be saved with something as simple as a mosquito net, imagine how many more people can be helped with the right application of more sophisticated technologies?

With this week’s launch of our new company, egnite, we are doing more than just imagining. We have an opportunity to apply digital technology and partner with physicians to solve some really big problems. We are using the most advanced technological tools, a proprietary database, and AI-powered analytics — to help elevate the standard of care for patients with structural heart disease.

Our Why

A surprising number of structural heart disease patients are not diagnosed or treated in accordance with guidelines, which is concerning considering the high rates of mortality for untreated disease. All too often the result of our fragmented healthcare system means patients simply fall through the cracks.

The need to close those gaps is what led to the development of our flagship solution, CardioCare. Through our partnership with health systems, we bring insights that help reduce variability in diagnoses and improve treatment rates to ensure patients receive the right care, at the right time.

COVID provided a stark, real-world example of this. As observed in the CardioCare database, we saw the far-reaching impacts of the pandemic led to an average national decline of 50% in diagnostic exams. Despite this alarming trend, we found that structural heart programs utilizing CardioCare identified the right patients, who otherwise could have fallen through the cracks, and ensured they were treated. This alone reveals the urgent need for hospitals to have a system in place that ensures both that patients don’t get missed and that they receive timely therapy.

We launched egnite this week with a bold vision – to create an evolved healthcare landscape in which data, technology, patients and clinical expertise are at the intersection of digital transformation to reduce the cost of care and improve patient outcomes. We are more motivated than ever to execute on this vision with focus, speed and agility to help improve the lives of structural heart patients.

Our digital solution has the chance to make a powerful difference. The future of egnite presents a rare and unique opportunity to get involved in something that will have a profound impact on patients’ lives. And I have no doubt that we will – with our stellar team of engineers, clinicians, and data scientists working together to propel us forward.


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