Uncover Trends in Structural Heart Disease Patient Care

egnite’s Structural Heart Disease (SHD) Benchmarking Report is a valuable resource for understanding the state of structural heart patient care, identifying care trends, and envisioning where providers can harness the power of digital technologies to advance health care.

This research report draws insights from 24 leading health systems across the United States that contribute to egnite’s extensive de-identified diagnostic echocardiographic and electronic medical record database consisting of over 970,000 unique patients.

About egnite

egnite is a visionary digital health company committed to advancing the health of our society through innovative cardiovascular solutions. egnite uses AI-driven algorithms and big data to produce business intelligence for healthcare, elevating the role of data in critical decisions. The company partners with leading hospitals and life sciences organizations to transform care delivery for cardiovascular patients. The company is based in Aliso Viejo, Calif., for more information, visit egnitehealth.com.

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